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Driving Schools with English Speaking Staff

Here you can find a list of driving schools where you can take the driving lessons in English. 

Kanto (関東: かんとう) Area

Kansai (関西: かんさい) Area

Location: Wakayama 

Beginner Course: 150,000 ~  yen 

Gaimen Kirikae: 40,000 yen

Yuasa Driving School is located in Aridaga-Gun, Wakayama and this school is only one of few driving schools where you can take the Driving Lessons in English in Kansai area. This school has an English-Speaking Staff and is very friendly to international students. Even though this school was established relatively recently (in 2018), many international students have successfully obtained their driving license though this school. So if you live in Kansai Area, definitely this school is a first of your choice.

Want to be listed?

If you are a business owner of the driving school and you have English Speaking staffs, contact us if your school wants to be listed in this page.

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