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Welcome to DrivingJapan Online🚙

Hi all, I am the owner of this website and I am very thrilled to launch this service😆

I have been a driving instructor for 4 years, working at a driving school, where students learn driving knowledge and skills at the school and take the driving tests at their local driver's licence center.

Since the beginning of my instructor's career, I have been really eager to help foreigners get driver's licence in some ways.

One of the biggest hurdles for foreigners to convert the licence is that even if you drive safely and well, you will not be able to pass the driving test.

This is because there are many Japan-specific traffic regulations (called 道路交通法 "Do-ro Ko-tsu-ho") that you need to follow to pass the test and drive public roads in Japan.

Without knowing these specific rules, there will be no luck.

So I created this web service, which you can learn all the traffic regulations you need to know before taking the gaimen kirikae exam.

This time, my passion is becoming true!

I really hope you benefit from this service😀

Also, I really want to improve this service, so please give us any feedback😉

So please enjoy driving‼️

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