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Getting a license from scratch

Driving Exam Masterclass

Most people fail the driving exams not just because they lack the driving skills, but because they didn't know the every bits of marking criteria. 

Don't let this happen☟

A Examiner 👮"You needed to do 〇〇, but you failed to do so, so I deducted 10 points." or "You didn't do 〇〇.... so I deducted 20 points, so I failed you".

Test Taker 🤦‍♂️ "Oh I didn't know that." "If I knew this, I would have passed!"

This is the most frustrating, isn't it? Don't waste money by not knowing much of the criteria and take the exams over and over again. We are here not to let this happen anymore.


To pass the exam, you need a high level of driving skills. We will teach you how to improve your driving skills dramatically to make the most out of your driving practice.


 It is impossible to pass without knowing 100+ marking criteria (DO & DON'T ) in the exam. We will disclose every marking criteria for driving exams.


Ask anything to our staff and clear your heads before your driving exams.

We are very responsive and try to answer your questions within a hour. 

Get Started Now

Driving Exam Masterclass

Single Payment

7,900 yen

(inc. tax)

Karimen and Honmen Driving exams are covered.

100 + marking criteria, that you must know to pass the driving exams.


Driving tips to know for your mental practice and real practice.

Ask your tutor if you have any questions anytime and they will answer you within 24 hours (usually very responsive).

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