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Stage 2 

Picture Questions

There are 5 danger prediction questions (2 points per question) that will be asked at the end of the Honmen Written Exam. There are three statements for each question, and you choose either true or false for each statement.
To get 2 points, you need to answer all three statements correctly.
If you make one statement wrong out of three, you get 0 points for the question.

Note! There can be questions that all the statements are true(or false). 


スクリーンショット 2023-09-10 8.04.07.png
You are driving at 30 km/h. What should you be careful about when proceeding strainght through the intersection?

1.The pedestrian in front of you is about to finish crossing, so move as far to the left as possible at the intersection, and proceed at the same speed while paying attention to their movements.

2. The visibility at the intersection is poor, so slow down so you can stop anytime before the intersection.

3. There may be pedestrians coming out of the cross road, so check the curved mirror or your own eyes to make sure both sides are safe before proceeding through the intersection .


スクリーンショット 2023-09-08 10.59.01.png
You are driving at 30 km/h. What should you be careful about ?

1. Children who are absorbed in playing may suddenly appear on the road, so slow down and proceed while paying attention to the children's movement.

2. Sound the horn and pass at this speed.

3. A bicycle or child may suddenly jump out from the alley on the right, so slow down so you can stop before the alley.

The demo of the picture questions ends here.

For more picture questions and exercises

If you like to access whole lessons, here are the class for you.

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