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Get the course map with all the tips
of your local driving center 

for free!

Why do you need the course map ?

Even though your examiner will most likely be telling you the route of the course while you are driving, it is best to know the course beforehand. 

Not only the course, we would like you to know exactly when you turn on the indicator and which positions of the lane you take (on the left edge / in the middle / on the right edge of the lane). These information is essential for your pass because each of these (timing of indicators and moving left or right (i.e. veering), etc) affects your score directly and essentially your result! 

Once you purchased our online service and send us the course of your local driving center (where you take the driving exam), we will add the important information such as... 

Proper timing of turning on indicators is important. Basically you need indicators 3 seconds before veering and 30m behind the intersection when turning left or right. 

Wrong timing of indicators will cause 5 mark deduction. 

Veering (moving left or right, not turning) is also important concept and might only be specific to Japanese traffic rules. 

For example, you need to finish veering  30m before turning at the intersection, etc. 

Unless you master this rule, there is little chance to pass!

What can you get from us? 

Timing of indicators

Timing of veering

Examples of the course map with the helpful tips

スクリーンショット 2021-10-20 18.29.39.png
Higashi Mikawa (Aichi)
スクリーンショット 2021-10-20 18.28.59.png
Kadoma (Osaka)

If you go to your local driving center (where you take the driving exam), you can get the course map or the course map will be displayed in the center. 

Purchase our online service and send the map to us. 

We will add the tips to your maps necessary to pass the exam and send you back the map with tips. 

How to get this map with tips from us?

1. Get the course map
2. Send us the map
3. Get the map with tips
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