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Pass Karimen & Honmen Written Exams & 
Gaimen Kirikae 
Made Easy

Do you want to drive a car in Japan?

We are here to help pass your Written Exams for Karimen & Honmen (from Scratch) & Gaimen Kirikae (driver's license conversion procedure) driving exam! 

If you decide to get a license from scratch in Japan, you will have to take and pass 2 written exams.

These two are called "Karimen" and "Honmen" written exams. 

You will learn what these written exams are, including what will be covered in each exam and how to prepare for them, etc.

We found it pretty difficult to find the materials for the Karimen & Honmen written exams. Thus, we created for you.

Once you become a member, you can practice 1,000 +  real exam questions with answers, which also include detailed explanations.

If you hold a valid driver's license issued in your country, you have a chance to successfully switch your license to a Japanese one.

This process is called "Gaimen Kirikae". 

Here you will learn what the "Gaimen Kirikae" is and how to do it successfully.

One of the difficult parts of the "Gaimen Kirikae" is a driving test. You are required to have a certain level of knowledge and skills to pass this driving test.

Enroll in the masterclass and learn everything you need to know with lots of explanations, videos, and pictures materials.


M from Philippines

Your contents are indeed super helpful in passing the driving exam. 

I passed the driving exam for the first try thanks to you. Thank you again.


J from Hong Kong

I am very happy to find your website because the explanation is all clear, in detail and easy to understand. 


T from Bangladesh

 I learned a lot from your online driving lessons, especially the safety checks in each situation. I hope you have a lot of students. good luck and thank you very much again.

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