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Rosokutai (ろそくたい -路側帯)  

What is "Rosokutai"

When there is no sidewalk(pavement), the part partitioned by the white line is called "Rosokutai".

Remember, Rosokutai is basically for pedestrians.

When you drive, do not go inside a "Rosokutai" (even not to step on a white line).

So what if there is a sidewalk (or "Hodou" 歩道 in Japanese)?

Have a look at the picture down below.

Rokata is a part between a "Hodou (歩道: sidewalk)" and a "Shadou (車道: driveway)".

This Rokata is provided for the purpose of protecting the structural parts on the outside of the shadou(driveway) from vehicles.

You usually drive on a Shadou but when you turn left at at an intersection, you can go inside a "Rokata".

When can I drive a "Rosokutai"? 🤔

You are basically not allowed to drive on a "Rosokutai".

However, there are two exceptions to this rule.

  1. If circumstances compel the driver to cross the "Rosokutai" in order to enter or leave a facility or place adjoining the road

  2. If circumstances compel the driver to pass through the "Rosokutai" to the extent necessary for the driver to stop or park on the "Rosokutai".

In this case, you need to come to a stop immediately before entering the "Rosokutai" and must not prevent pedestrians from proceeding.

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