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for Gaimen Kirikae or Written Exams 

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Gaimen Kirikae 

Online Lessons


You will learn everything you need to know about the driving rules in details.


You will also learn the marking criteria for driving exams.


Get a course map with tips in your local area for free.


Ask anything to your tutors.

Unlimited Access to the online lessons with explanations, videos, charts, tables...

Driving Tips and Marking Criteria which are things you must know to pass the driving exams for Gaimen Kirikae.

Course Maps in your local driving center where you take the Gaimen Kirikae exams.

Your tutor will answer your questions anytime within 24 hours.

Written Exams

Practice Exercises

This will be the best study materials for written exams you can find out there.


You will be able to practice more than 1000+ real questions.


Each question has a detailed explanation so that you can master the traffic rules easily.


You can practice 15+ picture quiz as well which you will see in the real Honmen Written Exam. 


Ask anything to your tutors and clear your heads before the real written exams.

2,980 yen

(inc. tax)

1000 + real questions are there for you to practice and get used to the questions.


Though explanation in each question will make you the master of the written exams.

Picture quiz is the ones you struggle to find online. We also prepare more than 15 picture quiz.

Ask your tutor if you have any questions anytime and they will answer you within 24 hours.

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